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So. Let’s make this the master pimp post, shall we? A couple months ago, my company (a small digital media prodco within a large (CANAADIAN) one) decided we wanted to do a Lizzie Bennett style vlog series. 

I asked what public domain novels we could adapt - and anamatics discussed Carmilla. The original lesbian vampire. ~25 years before Ol’ Drac. Fast foward to now, and WE’RE SHOOTING 36 EPISODES OF QUEER BUFFY with some brand’s financial involvement. 

anamatics and Jordan Hall (jordanhall.ca) have created an engrossing, bechdel-passing, trope subverting, Jossverse-with-a-sprinkle-of-Alias-S2 world based on the original novella. It’s funny, snarky and sharp and then it’ll PUNCH YOU IN THE GUT WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT in the later eps. (Right, E?) 

So yeah. My mission here as a producer is basically accomplished? (pitch gay shit, pitch gay shit again, get it financed and made?) Hah. 

Also - This is not a coming out story. We have enough of those narratives. I want Gay Buffy. And here’s the start. :) 

 Here are the first 6. It gets REALLL REALLL after this!!

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